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The 6 Best Bundt Cake Pans of 2021 for Your Most Beautiful Baking

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The South didn't necessarily invent the Bundt cake, but we'd be bold enough to say that the South has certainly mastered it. Classic recipes like buttermilk pound cake, cream cheese pound cake, Lemon Bundt Cake, and even Hummingbird Bundt Cake are passed down generations on old tattered recipe cards, just waiting to be pulled out of the box whenever you need a sweet nostalgic treat or are in charge of bringing dessert to family dinner. While the ingredients inside are always the most important part, the Bundt pan that you choose is a close second.

As any avid baker will tell you, Nordic Ware has been turning out the highest-quality cake pans since the 1940s, but there are other Bundts out there also worth your kitchen space. Whether you're a fan of traditional silhouettes or prefer going for something a little more show-stopping, these are the best of the best. Here are the most beautiful and reliable Bundt cake pans on the market to invest in right now. Then, pick through our Best-Ever Bundt Cake Recipes to find plenty of inspiration.

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Best Bundt Cake Pans
Credit: Nordic Ware

Best Overall: Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan

Our food editor (and most likely every food editor out there) highly recommends this classic Nordic Ware silhouette for all of your Bundt-baking needs. It's simple and versatile. Made of cast aluminum, the pan is sturdy and thick but not too heavy. The nonstick coating allows cakes to come out cleanly, even from all the nooks and crannies of the pan. This pan also has handles for easy maneuvering. Worth every penny. 

BUY IT: $34.95;

Best Bundt Cake Pans
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Best Value: Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick 9-Inch Fluted Tube Pan

You can snag this popular pan at a total steal on Amazon, which is perhaps why over 7,000 shoppers deem it a must-have. Also made with nonstick coating, handles, and a classic non-fussy design, this pan is the best cost-efficient trade for the Nordic Ware. For first-time bakers, it makes a low-risk choice. 

BUY IT: $6.88;

Best Bundt Cake Pans

Best Presentation: Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Heritage Bundt Pan

This striking design is like the cooler out-of-town aunt of the classic fluted Nordic Ware, and it's guaranteed to steal the spotlight every time. Made in the same durable nonstick aluminum, it features a sharp, swirled look that catches every drop of glaze that you dribble over it. Talk about a delicious masterpiece. If you're looking for one new pan to accompany your trusty old one, make it the Heritage.

BUY IT: $41.67;

Best Bundt Cake Pans
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Best Miniature: Wilton Mini Fluted Tube Pan

Take your baking to the tiny side with this Bundt pan that turns out 12 miniature cakes. We've even outlined how to alter your favorite pound cake recipes to accommodate it. You can essentially make any Bundt you prefer, and these individual-sized cakes are perfect for sharing or gifting during the holidays. 

BUY IT: $10.49;

Best Bundt Cake Pans
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Best Silicone: Silivo 9-Inch Silicone Bundt Pan

For those who have fully switched to the nonstick, mess-free wonder that is silicone mold baking, there's even a Bundt for you. While we can't personally attest to how this flexible pan measures up to the nonstick capabilities of a traditional Nordic Ware, over 11,000 Amazon shoppers seemingly can. It's also a fabulous budget-friendly option for those just starting out in the baking game. You get two molds at a compelling price. 

BUY IT: $17.99;

Best Bundt Cake Pans
Credit: Nordic Ware

Best Holiday: Nordic Ware Magnolia Cast Aluminum Bundt Pan

Find something more Southern than a magnolia-shaped Bundt cake, we dare you. With a sprinkling of powdered sugar or a luscious white glaze, these cakes look absolutely fit to head up the holiday table. Reviews note that the intricate petals don't prove as tasking to clean as they seem. Just make sure to use gentle soap to keep the nonstick coating intact. 

BUY IT: $30.97;