These $9 Bendable Kebab Skewers Are a Total Game-Changer for Any Home Grill Master

Enjoy a kebab without making it a job.

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Amongst the potato salad, succotash, baked beans, and icebox pie, the centerpiece of any cookout or barbecue spread is inevitably whatever was cooked on the grill. That's just how it is; we don't make the rules. And while you can never go wrong with our Creole Burgers, classic hot dogs with relish, or our Memphis Dry-Rubbed Baby Back Ribs, may we suggest something that is exciting, full of flavor, and easily served to a crowd?

Any avid home grill master knows that kebabs are actually the ultimate grilling recipe—because you can customize according to what vegetables or protein you prefer, marinate, and grill to perfection. And instead of wasting time and effort on flimsy, short wooden skewers, real grillers have figured out that flexible, extra long kebab skewers are key to making your outdoor supper better than ever before. You get to pack each kebab skewer with way more food, save space on the grill, marinate easily in the fridge, and turn them on the grill without using any tools, thanks to stainless steel material that stays cool.

The popular Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Kebab Skewers are the perfect thing to upgrade any one of our most requested kebab recipes to feed the whole family with a touch of grilling ingenuity that any grill-happy dad would appreciate. The 31-inch bendable skewer is ideal for lining with multiple servings of kebab ingredients before marinating in a plastic bag or covered bowl of your choice, and spreading out on your grill in whichever shape makes the most of your grill space, from loops to longways, letting the end hang off the side to pick up and turn at your leisure, no tongs required. Your basic straight skewers could never.

To add to the dad-approved list, these skewers don't need to be soaked before using to prevent burning—just load, marinate, and grill!—and they can even be thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher after dinner to make things extra easy and breezy. Up the ante on the home barbecue front with one of the 31-inch flexible skewers or a multi-pack of skewers if you're a big cookout host. (BUY IT: Starting at $8;

Now as long as we have a batch of potato salad and perhaps some homemade pickles on the table, we're set.

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