Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Toaster Oven
Credit: Walmart

You're Going To Fall in Love with Walmart's Nostalgic New Line of Kitchen Appliances

They're already selling out.
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We love a good, retro-inspired appliance. The cuter the better, we say. Unfortunately, the trendy little coffee pots with 1950s-inspired charm typically clock in with a price tag that would send Mama and them reeling. Fork over $200 for a 10-cup drip? No can do. Rest your weary wallets because there's a new set of nostalgic kitchenware hitting the shelves at Walmart and they've got retro appeal to spare. Beautiful by Drew Barrymore is a six-appliance collection with plans to expand to cookware, tools, and more.

The current offerings include an air fryer, coffee maker, electric kettle, air fryer toaster oven, blender, and toaster—all of which are currently offered in sage green, though they'll soon be available in black, white, and gray also. Take a dive into the cheeky little appliances below.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Air Fryer
Credit: Walmart

Beautiful 6 Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer, Sage Green by Drew Barrymore

BUY IT: $89;

This air fryer features a five-pound capacity (ideal for families of five to seven people) and air fry, dehydrate, reheat, and roast functions. It heats in half the time of traditional ovens and will crisp foods to perfection with 88% less fat than your restaurant-fried favorites.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Coffee Pot
Credit: Walmart

Beautiful 14 Cup Programmable Touchscreen Coffee Maker, Sage Green by Drew Barrymore

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We know, we know, it's such a tease. But keep your eyes on this one and snag the 14-cup touchscreen brewer once it's back in stock—hopefully lickety-split.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Electric Kettle
Credit: Walmart

Beautiful 1.7L One-Touch Electric Kettle, Sage Green by Drew Barrymore

BUY IT: $39.96;

If you don't already have an electric kettle, prepare to soon have a new favorite kitchen appliance. This version clocks in at a reasonable $39—much less than other high-quality options on the market—features a touch-activated display, heats up seven cups of water in seven minutes, and comes with four preset temperature options.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Toaster Oven
Credit: Walmart

Beautiful 6 Slice Touchscreen Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Sage Green by Drew Barrymore

BUY IT: $129;

The question isn't what can you cook in this toaster oven, it's what can't you cook in this toaster oven. It comes with an air frying mesh basket and crumb tray, wire rack, and bake pan. You'll find 10 functions including air fry, making it a one-stop shop for dinnertime in a hurry.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Toaster
Credit: Walmart

Beautiful 2 Slice Touchscreen Toaster, Sage Green by Drew Barrymore

BUY IT: $39.96;

A touchscreen toaster? How luxe. This two-slot breakfast-time champion comes with extra-wide slots for all those fluffy waffles and thick bagels.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Blender
Credit: Walmart

Beautiful High Performance Touchscreen Blender, Sage Green by Drew Barrymore

BUY IT: $50;

It's smoothie time, y'all, and we're blending up something good when this saucy little helper is on the counter. The touch-activated display lights up to reveal seven blending functions.