Bamboo Toaster Tongs Are the Practical Answer to Never Burning Your Fingertips Again

Plus, they’re pretty adorable.

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Bamboo Toaster Tongs

Unless you have a lukewarm toaster, you've probably burnt your fingers when toasting bread at some point, whether you've been trying to dig out a thick slice that got stuck down in the toaster slot or you're guilty of reaching down just a centimeter too far when grabbing the top of your toast in a rush. The same goes for when toasting any type of bread on the rack in the oven. You can't exactly wear an oven mitt while grabbing an English muffin straight out of the heat.

For the fellow finger-burners out there, it doesn't have to be so risky. There's a rather adorable answer: bamboo toaster tongs. Made especially to use when toasting, these tongs are small enough to reach inside a toaster, easily maneuverable, gentle enough to grab delicate toast, and basically the easiest five or ten bucks you'll spend. Not to mention, most are made with a magnet attached in order to store the tongs right on your toaster, oven, or fridge if you desire.

Bamboo toaster tongs usually measure less than ten inches long, and you want to pick a pair made from natural materials. Our favorite recommendation is to snag a set of two like this Amazon best-seller with nearly 3,000 reviews, in case you lose one pair or want to share the love with family or friends. These tongs are thin enough to reach down into the toaster if pieces of bread get stuck, which also helps when reaching between the rack to grab toast from the oven.

You can even use bamboo toaster tongs when cooking on your nonstick skillet, since metal tongs can scratch the nonstick coating and increase wear-and-tear. Hello, bacon! They're also great (and more aesthetically pleasing) for serving a crowd without touching the food, whether you're hosting a gathering or simply serving a big batch of homemade pancakes. They also are the perfect size for reaching into jars to retrieve pickled items. Possibilities go beyond just bagels and bread.

Shop popular bamboo toaster tongs below.

Laboos Magnetic Bamboo Toaster Tongs

Bamboo Toaster Tongs

These tongs are minimal and modern, making the perfect addition to your kitchen. The set comes with two pairs of tongs for just $10.

BUY IT: $9.95;

IronBuddy 2-Pack Toaster Tongs

Bamboo Toaster Tongs

These super skinny tongs are beyond ideal for grabbing pickled red onions, peppers, or cucumbers out of your trusty Mason jars. This set also comes with two pairs of bamboo tongs.

BUY IT: $4.99;

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