Roast them golden without stepping outside.
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Camp is cancelled for the summer, and the best local campsites are totally booked up. You've searched every corner of Pinterest to scrounge up enough programming to practically call yourself an at-home camp director at this point, but you still can't quite bring yourself to build a campfire in your own backyard. We get it. You work too hard to keep that grass green and weed free to let a stray spark set things ablaze. Even so, you know your at-home camp experience isn't quite the same without the ultimate camping treat: the s'more.

If you don't have the luxury of a backyard firepit (they may be more affordable than you think!), you don't have to succumb to sitting by a candle in the kitchen to treat the family to a roasted, chocolatey treat. You can turn up the summer fun, sans bugs and plus air conditioning, with a s'mores maker that fits right on your countertop.

Amazon's best-selling Nostalgia Electric S'mores Maker lets the whole family roast something ooey and gooey with a flip of a switch. And coming in at under $25, you may wonder why you waited for a no-camp summer pandemic to purchase one. Equipped with two roasting forks and four compartment trays, you can easily set up a s'mores station within seconds of the kids asking for dessert. Plus, the flameless heater is sure to keep the little ones safe.

Nostalgia Electric S'mores Maker
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Whether you like your marshmallows soft or totally burnt, it's sure to do the trick. "The time to get the marshmallow toasty was equivalent to a bonfire (minus the bonfire smell!). But the s'more still have that familiar outdoor taste." wrote one reviewer. Another reviewer confirmed that can handle a party, commenting that it was "a great way to gather with your family. We are a family of five and were able to roast our marshmallows all at the same time."

Stock up on the chocolate bars and get ready to put your graham crackers to use. Your favorite little campers will thank you.