Hint: It has nothing to do with dessert.
Pork Crown Roast
Credit: sbossert/Getty Images

One of the most beloved holiday dinners, the mere utterance of "crown roast of pork" may make your mouth water.

It may also make your brow sweat when you think about finding that roll of kitchen twine, and then wrapping your masterpiece to snug, secure perfection. Well, fear not, Alton Brown is here to help. As the host of Good Eats: Reloaded revealed in a recent Instagram post, you can skip the twine and added labor.

"Want a pork crown roast but don't have twine? If you have a bundt pan, no problem," he writes, accompanying a photo of crown roast of pork tucked into a standard bundt pan.

Fans clearly took to Brown's piece of advice, with comments ranging from "Dude! A.B., this is amazing. I love your life hacks!" to "Should have some nice crispy bits where it's touching the sides too!" Who's ready to take a stab at this clever trick?

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No surprise here, but Brown's Instagram feed is also an all-around vortex of genius cooking tips and culinary inspiration, like these fried, glazed biscuit "Bonuts," you'll probably want to make pronto.