5 Baking Must-Haves Professional Chefs Keep in Their Home Kitchens

All are under $30.

Pampered Chef Snack Bar Maker
Photo: Pampered Chef

In recent weeks during the coronavirus outbreak we've made no-knead buttermilk bread. We've made chewy chocolate chip cookies. We've made enough vintage cakes to throw it back to 1909. And now, we've realized, dear reader, we deserve to treat ourselves. Not with another cookie (though that works, too), but with the tools and gizmos that help take our baking to the next level. Professional food wizards agree: "It's a fact that we're cooking, baking (and eating!) at home now more than ever. When it comes to baking, which requires more precision than cooking, it helps to have tools that make the experience simple, fun, and inspiring," notes Sandy Wolner—Pampered Chef Food & Trend Innovator, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Below, check out five of our baking go-tos to help make baking easier, simpler, and more fun than ever.

1. Pampered Chef's Snack Bar Maker, $25

"If you're like me, then you've probably felt overwhelmed in the snack bar aisle at the store, not knowing what to buy. Once I got this product, I became a pro not just at making snack bars, but protein bars, chocolate bars, and even frozen yogurt bars," offers Wolner. The possibilities are virtually endless, and yes, adding chocolate chips is always a good idea.

"The individual wells save you from having to cut out individual bars after baking or chilling. The silicone material makes it a breeze to release the bars when they're done. You can even store your bars right in the wells and grab-and-go when you need them," Wolner adds.

Buy it on PamperedChef.com here.

2. Chicago Metallic's Silicone Baking Mat with Cookie Marks, $17.99

Sometimes, you're baking cookies, video chatting with your best friend from sleepaway camp, and helping Mary Beth figure out her geometry homework. Attention cannot be paid to all at once with perfect precision. That's where this supremely helpful baking mat comes in, making it easy to bake perfectly-spaced cookies. Bonus: It's more cost effective than using parchment all the time and it's nonstick.

Buy it on Wayfair here.

3. Pampered Chef's Donut Pan, $27

Doughnuts at home? You betcha. "I would have never thought to try to make doughnuts at home before using this pan! The Donut Pan lets you make a dozen baked donuts, which are the perfect size for everyone. They are easy to fill, especially if you use a decorating bag or even a resealable plastic bag," explains Wolner. "And the doughnuts pop right out of the pan thanks to the nonstick coating...You can also make bagels in the pan too, if you're feeling adventurous," says Wolner. If you're ready to get started, try these apple cider doughnuts Wolner loves.

Buy it on PamperedChef.com here.

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4. The Pastry Aisle's Plastic Portable Round Caddy Cake Stand, $19.99

Right now, many of us are baking up a storm for loved ones until the time comes when we can be safely reunited. That's why we love this locking case that makes transporting pies, cakes, and more, a breeze. You can safely store the carrier in the fridge or freezer, too.

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5. Pampered Chef's Whipped Cream Maker, $27

"Fresh whipped cream makes everything better, right? I would say yes, especially when it only has three ingredients. I luckily got the Whipped Cream Maker the day before Thanksgiving a few years ago. It's safe to say that we put whipped cream on everything that holiday," quips Wolner. "And if you get tired of plain whipped cream, you can try different flavors like cinnamon, almond, chocolate, or even Bourbon. It takes 30 seconds to make (and no electricity) and your arm won't get exhausted from all the whisking that traditional whipped cream requires." Molasses whipped cream, here we come.

Buy it on PamperedChef.com here.

Share with us: What is the baking recipe you keep find yourself returning to time and time again these days? Are you all about cookies or are savory bread loaves constantly calling your name?

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