Sorry, San Marzano.
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Ina Garten with Seth Meyers
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

If you're a big fan of Ina Garten, you've likely heard that her favorite brand of canned tomatoes is San Marzono. But did you know there's another canned item that makes the epicurean's heart sing?

For the Barefoot Contessa, it's not a typical staple like canned beans or canned olives. It's not even a fancy tin of canned sardines or anchovies. Canned corn? Dream on (She's probably shucking it fresh from the farmer market's baskets!). For the celebrity chef, her other favorite canned item is a can of pumpkin purée. Wildly versatile and nutrient-dense, Ina's go-to is Libby's 100% pure pumpkin purée, available on AmazonFresh for $2.69.

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As The Kitchn recently pointed out, Garten spotlights the brand on her list of 26 ingredients on her Barefoot Contessa site. It may only be September, but we can practically smell her pumpkin pie with rum whipped cream around the corner.