Why You Should Stop Throwing Away Used Tea Bags

From neutralizing odors to de-puffing tired eyes, we unlock tea's secret powers.

Save Used Tea Bags
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The only thing we love more than a cheap, easy hack is one that also reduces waste. So you bet when Apartment Therapy published a super helpful list of ideas for how to repurpose used tea bags (y'all know we'll drink plenty of iced tea this summer!) we couldn't click fast enough.

Like citrus peels, tealeaves have a whole host of magical powers and you should probably think twice before tossing one again. From neutralizing odors to de-puffing tired eyes, scroll down for six of our favorite uses for your old tea bags, courtesy of Apartment Therapy:

Protect houseplants from fungal disease

Re-brew a used tea bag and use the weak tea (cooled) to water your plants.

Neutralize odors

Spread dried tealeaves in smelly places like the litter box or in the bottom of your garbage bags to combat offensive odor naturally. You can also de-stink carpets by scattering the dried contents of several teabags on them before you vacuum.

De-grease pots and pans

Soak stubborn dishes in water with a used tea bag tossed in and watch as the tea works to loosen stuck-on food and break up grease.

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Take the sting out of insect bites and sunburns

Put a cool damp tea bag on the affected area and use like a compress to reduce pain and inflammation.

Make a hair rinse

Tea is an excellent, natural way to remove pesky product buildup from your tresses. Simply soak three or four used tea bags in warm water and pour it over your head after your usual shampooing and conditioning. Don't rinse.

De-puff tired eyes

Step aside, cucumbers! Instead, place cool tea bags over your eyes for a de-puffing effect. The tannins in the tealeaves reportedly can reduce bags and dark circles.

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