The bird is usually the star of a Southerner's Thanksgiving table, so you'll want to pick the recipe that gives you crispy skin, tender meat, and plenty of drippings. We'd like to nominate this oh-so-good roasted turkey recipe which relies on the simplicity of spices to bring out the most flavor. With a turkey this simple and with so few ingredients, focus on the techniques that matter most. First, pat the turkey very dry, which will help it achieve a crispier skin in the oven. Then, season the bird liberally with kosher salt. Season the cavity, gently under the skin, and again on the surface of the skin to enhance the flavor from the skin to the bone. You'll be surprised at how effective this method is, and your guests will assume you've put much more work into perfecting your bird. Plus, you'll never believe how flavorful the drippings are with this easy technique.

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