Fill your freezer with these simple, stir-together spreads.
Nothing-to-It Jams
Double Berry Freezer Jam
| Credit: William Dickey / Styling Cari South / Food Styling Alyssa Porubcan

Jam with no cooking? Yep. You simply crush the fruit, stir in freezer jam pectin, spoon into decorative canning jars, and freeze―it couldn't be easier. You don't have to worry about sacrificing flavor, either. These spreads are some of the finest we've ever tasted.

Jam or jelly will keep in the freezer for up to one year or in the refrigerator for three weeks. And you really can freeze it in a jar―a proper jar, that is. For safety purposes and to avoid a mess in the freezer, just be sure to use jars specifically made and labeled for food preservation. Canning jars or plastic freezer jars work fine for any of these recipes. You can find them at the supermarket, large discount retailers, or even your local hardware store.

Take advantage of fruit at its peak to prepare these vibrant-colored jams for enjoying at home and gift giving year-round. If you happen to miss your favorite fresh fruit in season, we've tested a version using frozen fruit with the same highly rated results.

"Nothing-to-It Jams" is from the May 2007 issue of Southern Living.