In the Southern Living text kitchens, we make A LOT of cookies, and icing them is always a fun and creative part of the process! It’s the perfect chance to express your baker’s style. One of the best techniques for icing a sugar cookie is called flooding! It’s a super easy method to be certain the cookie is iced beautifully smooth. To begin, simply take a sugar cookie that has been baked and completely cooled; place it on a sheet of cooking paper. Use a disposable piping bag filled with frosting that has a good consistency for icing a cookie; which means it’s not too thick. We make our icing with two pounds of powdered sugar, three quarters of a cup of water, and 4 teaspoons of meringue powder. Dye the icing whatever color makes you the happiest! Use the piping bag to create a ring of icing around the outside edge of the sugar cookie, and move in a spiral pattern until you have reached the center. Next, swirl a toothpick in your icing until the frosting looks flawlessly even!

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