The Right Way to Wash Your Weighted Blanket (Because Yes, You Should Wash It at Least Once a Season)

It's time to stop procrastinating.

You know the drill: Your laundry basket runneth over. It's time to embark on the journey that is washing all of your clothes and staring down at your sheets thinking "hmmm, do I really need to wash my sheets this time around?" Yes, and your pillowcases and duvet cover, too.

And, well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but your weighted blanket needs to be washed, as well. We know, we know. But just because it's heavy doesn't mean it's exempt from regular washings. Hyaat Chaudhary, founder of bedding company Luxome, recommends washing a weighted blanket at least two-to-three times a year. To keep things simple, if you use your weighted blanket regularly, try getting in the habit of washing your weighted blanket at the start of every season.

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Many weighted blankets come with a removable, machine-washable cover but always check the instructions for your weighted blanket to see the protocol for washing and to see if the blanket itself can go in the washing machine. "A weighted blanket with a removable cover allows for ease of washing as often as regular bedding. If you don't use a top sheet, plan on washing your blanket/cover more frequently," says Chaudhary, adding that allergy sufferers may want to wash their cover more frequently, as well as if you or your sleeping partner have been sick or sweat during sleep.

"Washing a weighted blanket/insert may be intimidating or overlooked, mostly due to the fact that customers are fearful of putting a heavy blanket in their washing machine and spot cleaning is sometimes seen as a hassle. But if the weighted blanket is machine washable, the good news is that you can easily cleanse it as long as you follow the right steps," shares Chaudhary, who breaks the washing process down into four steps. Here goes:

  1. When washing any weighted blanket, it is important to take note of the outer cover material and fabric and cleanse accordingly (i.e. fur, Sherpa, etc.). If your blanket is machine washable, there are a few tips we recommend for cleansing.
  2. First, machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle with a mild, liquid detergent. We suggest using an extra rinse cycle after the main wash cycle. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
  3. Next, tumble dry on gentle cycle with low heat. We suggest including two-to-three dryer or tennis balls to help maintain even weight distribution and prevent any bunching due to spin cycles. Do not iron.
  4. While most weighted blanket sizes can be machine-washed/dried, we recommend only using machines when necessary. You may find a simple spot clean with a mild, liquid detergent and warm water mix will get the job done — especially for blankets that weigh more than 18 pounds. The spinning motion of machine washing/drying may cause some bunching withing the pockets. If this happens, ensure the blanket is completely dry and pull the pockets from both sides by pinching the fabric. You should feel the filling inside separate like pulling apart a cotton ball. Tilt or move the blanket so any clumped beads can be released back into the filling.

Another smart tip: "To maintain the weighted blanket best over time, we recommend spot cleaning whenever possible versus frequently washing the entire weighted blanket in the machine," advises Chaudhary.

Of course, before you wash, check the label on your weighted blanket itself or go to the website page for your weighted blanket to review the instructions. For instance, one of our favorite weighted blankets, the Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket by Brooklyn Bedding (BUY IT: from $159; has washing instructions as follows: "We suggest sleepers launder the cover in warm water and tumble dry low. Neither bleach nor harsh chemicals should ever be used on weighted blanket materials," comments Amy Dimond; Director, Brand Marketing Communications at Brooklyn Bedding, noting that the blanket itself should be spot cleaned only with a mild detergent.

Bottom line: Check the instructions for your weighted blanket, and then check them again to make sure you are following the guidelines precisely. Nobody wants a bunch of weighted blanket beads busting open into a cyclone swirl in their washing machine.

However you complete the task, be sure to pat yourself on the back post-cleaning for checking this off your to-do list. Consider it a gesture of TLC for the TLB (Tender Loving Blanket) that's always welcoming you into its cocoon of calm.

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