Your white shirt will thank you.
Woman Applying Blush in Mirror
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Blush and bronzer may look great on you, but they look terrible on your sofa, carpet, and your favorite shirt. Luckily, spoke to a bunch of experts on how to remove the gunk when it wanders off your skin and onto your belongings.

According to Today's pros, most misplaced blush and bronzer (and probably other cosmetics, too) can be removed with products that you already have in your laundry room. If the stain is on clothing, simply pre-treat with your favorite pre-wash stain remover—or even just run a bar of soap or some liquid laundry detergent on the spot —and then launder as usual.

While we don't advocate covering your sofa in a plastic slipcover, the clean-up process does get a bit more complicated if you've managed to get your bronzer or blush on your upholstery (no judgment, no questions) The trick there is to vacuum the spot first to try and suck up as much of the product as possible. From there it's all about dabbing at the stain with a white cotton towel and some dry-cleaning solvent until you get bored and call in the professionals.

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If you've dropped your favorite bronzer or the blush that makes you look like you were just complimented by your high school crush and it has fallen out of the compact and into the carpet, there is still hope. Vacuum the area very carefully and very thoroughly and then dab with a moist towel. Then whip out the carpet cleaning pro's secret weapon: white shaving cream. Rub that in to break down the stain, blot with a damp towel, and see if it worked or if you'll need to go ahead and call in the pros.

For more tips, check out the article on Today's website and think about restricting blush and bronzer use to the bathroom—or that really ugly chair your husband loves so much.