They may not like eating their greens, but they'll like this.
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As a child, I didn’t care much for salad (or anything green, for that matter), but any time my mom pulled out her salad spinner, it was met with squeals of delight. A former kindergarten teacher, my mom is endlessly creative and resourceful, and she entertained us with all kinds of homespun craft projects when we were young. And whenever she got out the salad spinner, it meant it was time to paint. (Sure, you could buy a spin art machine, but the salad spinner tucked away in the back of your cabinets works just as well.) Here’s how to inspire your little one’s inner artist with paper plates, a few bottles of paint, and a salad spinner. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire a love of salad in your children too.

What you’ll need to make salad spinner art:

Salad spinner

Paper plates or paper cut to fit inside the salad spinner

Water-based acrylic paint

How to make salad spinner art:

First, place a paper plate (or paper cut to fit) in the bottom of the salad spinner. Then, squirt drops of whatever paint colors you want to be incorporated into your artwork. Don’t use too heavy of a hand with the paint, as the plate may become too saturated and tear. Lock on the lid, and use a little elbow grease to spin for several rotations. Take off the lid to take a peek at your creation. If you don’t like what you see, squeeze on a little more paint or add a new color. Once it’s been spun to your satisfaction, take out your artwork and let it dry on a covered surface. After it dries, you can either leave it as is, or you can incorporate it into other crafts, from party-worthy garlands to paper butterflies that you can hang like a mobile or hang on the wall.