Also known as monkey bread, this indulgent bread tastes as good as it looks. Guests will rave when they wake up to a pan of this Praline Pull-Apart Bread for breakfast or brunch. It's one of our top-rated breakfast recipes for good reason; the whipping cream and brown sugar mixture give this warm, chewy bread a thick, luxurious praline sauce. Don't skip the quick step of whipping the cream before stirring in the brown sugar—that's the secret to the smooth texture of the caramel-flavored sauce. Instead of having to make the dough yourself, use pre-made bread roll dough to form the loaf. This step will save you a lot of time. Dip the pieces of dough into melted butter, and then roll them in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Rolling each piece individually ensures that you'll have the sweetness in every bite. Once you've filled up your tube or bundt pan with the dough, sprinkle in some chopped pecans. If you'd like, try toasting your chopped pecans before adding – that'll bring a little extra love to the dish.

After you've added the dough and the pecans, you'll want to let the bread chill. For this reason, we recommend preparing the bread the night before you want to serve it, and then finishing the recipe the next day. Once the dish has chilled, add in that rich, creamy praline sauce. Allow the bread to bake until golden brown (it'll take about an hour). Cool your Praline Pull-Apart Bread for around ten minutes in the pan before inverting to make sure it's cool enough to stay together. Once you've inverted it onto your favorite cake stand or platter, drizzle on any glaze that might've fallen to the bottom of the pan. Serve this up at your next get-together with friends, and we promise that they'll be asking for the recipe.

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