Potato, po-tah-to, Picasso.

Baked into casseroles, fried into tots, hollowed out into cheese-smothered and bacon-bedecked skins, potatoes are one versatile vegetable. But the talented tuber has uses that extend well beyond the kitchen. With just a few household supplies, you can transform the pantry staple into an art tool that can be used to create blockprint-inspired patterns on everything from notecards to napkins.

What you’ll need to make potato stamps:


Pencil/marker pen

Kitchen knife

Water-based paint or fabric paint

Paint brush

Item you want to stamp (could be paper cardstock, notecards, cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, or T-shirts)

How to make potato stamps:

Consider the size of your artist’s hands when choosing the potatoes for your stamps. Little palms will have more control over a small potato that can be easily gripped.

Once you’ve selected your potato, cut it in half, and draw the desired stamp shape onto the potato with a pencil or marker pen. Then, cut away the negative space so that the shape is raised and stamp-able.

Depending on what you’re decorating with your potato stamp (for younger kids, paper is great; for the older set, cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, and even T-shirts are especially fun), use your paint brush to cover the stamp in a layer of water-based paint or fabric paint.

Then, stamp to create your desired pattern. In order to keep the saturation even across the surface, be sure to re-paint the potato every few stamps.

Repeat as many times as desired.

Why we love this craft:

While potato stamps don’t keep forever, they’re an easy way to fill an afternoon as you can use them to decorate a variety of other crafts. Plus, because fresh, non-cut potatoes can last a couple weeks or even months (if stored in a cool, dry place), you can easily keep a bag on-hand for crafting with (or eating) at your convenience.