This Trick for Cleaning White Sneakers Will Blow Your Mind


Worn White Sneakers
Photo: Ragnar Schmuck/Getty Images

There's nothing better than a fresh new pair of white sneakers. Now if only they could stay that way for more than a few days.

If, like millions of Americans, you're faced with the prospect of throwing away a perfectly good pair of shoes after a single season, we have good news for you. In a now-viral tweet, one Texas woman shared her brilliant way of restoring dingy white sneakers to their original glory.

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The tweet, which has been shared more than 1,500 times, shows a pair of Converse All-Star sneakers before and after her she performed her cleaning miracle on them.

Honestly, it's an incredible sight to behold. So how did she do it?

When countless people pressured her to share her secrets, she finally divulged her method with the world. First, she rinsed the dirt off her shoes with water. Then she mixed 1 part baking soda and 1 and a half parts laundry detergent together and scrubbed the mixture on the shoes with a toothbrush. After letting them sit for a while, she rinsed them again, put them in the washing machine, sprinkled them with baby powder and let them dry.


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