A Southern Thanksgiving isn't complete without a Thanksgiving main, and we like to showcase a juicy turkey at the center of our spread. Whether you're making our tender Salt-and-Pepper Turkey or choosing to drop one in the deep-fryer, you'll need to know how to serve up your bird on the big day. If you've never carved a turkey before, don't fret! Carving a Thanksgiving turkey isn't nearly as hard as it seems, especially when you've got this simple tutorial on your side. And, this technique comes in handy on other days of the year, as well, in case you've got a rotisserie chicken on a weeknight that needs slicing and dicing. Learn how to carve a turkey in beautiful, gravy-ready slices. A juicy plate of meat is just a few steps away with these easy carving tips. So, ladle up some drippings, simmer that cranberry sauce, and take a few minutes to give your beautifully cooked bird the attention that it deserves. What are your go-to carving tips for Thanksgiving dinner?

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