If you start with a prefab kit, you can leapfrog over the more taxing steps.

Let's be honest, twelve months of quarantine hasn't been the most enjoyable experience. Cabin fever has set in, familial relationships are being tested, and healthy lifestyles have gone out the window. (The quarantine-15 is real, y'all). Even though our patience is a little shorter and our pants are a little tighter, there is one silver lining to those seemingly never-ending stay-at-home orders: plenty of time for home improvement projects.

At this point you've more than likely created a productive workspace and learned to deep-clean common appliances like washing machines and ovens, but have you considered revamping your outdoor space? It's easier than you'd think. Consider building a DIY pergola. What in Sam Hill is a pergola, you might ask? It's simply an outside garden structure made with vertical pillars that support crossbeams in an open lattice layout. Pergolas create shaded sitting areas where you might string twinkling lights or woody vines for a little extra style. And if you start with a prefab kit, you can leapfrog over the more taxing steps.

Still not convinced constructing a pergola is worth the time or investment? Here are three simple things to consider and a few tips and tricks on how to build a pergola.

1. Extend Space

Similar to a balcony or patio, pergolas help to extend living space beyond the walls of your home. The beautiful outdoor structures can provide shade and shelter to protect you from scorching hot Southern summers and inclement weather conditions. Some offer more protection than others, so be sure to purchase a pergola kit that fits your space and does exactly what you need it to. By adding a pergola to your home, you increase the amount of time you can spend outside in a dreamy, customized location. Say goodbye to cabin fever.

2. Add Value

Building a backyard pergola significantly grows the value of your home. Experts widely agree that manicured landscaping and outdoor features increase the overall value of a house on average by 12%. That translates to an extra $24,000 on a $200,000 home. The value of properties with a comfortable outdoor space is steadily on the rise. Adding a pergola to your home is a long-term investment worth considering.

3. Install Easily

Don't let the daunting idea of building a pergola stop you from creating the outdoor space of your dreams. It's completely doable, especially if you purchase a pergola kit and call on a construction partner; this isn't a solo project. While buying a kit is a bit pricier than starting from scratch, the time and energy you'll save is well worth the investment. We suggest checking out the selection at amishgazebos.com, and choosing the one that best fits your needs. Pro tip: Be sure to lay out the contents of your pergola kit before you begin building. This simple step will help you visualize the end result and avoid major building blunders.

Picture yourself sipping sweet, iced tea under an Instagram-worthy pergola complete with outdoor furniture and eye-catching greenery, and get to building!