Tasty toppings elevate this Southern favorite to new heights.
Grits Like You've Never Had 'em
Tomato Gravy over hot grits makes a winning combination for any meal.
| Credit: Jennifer Davick / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey / Food Styling Vanessa McNeil Rocchio

Grits are hot, and I'm not just talking heat. We've watched this humble breakfast side move to center stage in fabulous entrées. Menus everywhere feature grits in dishes ranging from easy to elaborate and elegant to unusual, but they're always good.

Simmer grits in your choice of water, broth, milk, or cream. Then have fun pairing them with toppings that go far beyond butter and brown gravy. All that's left is to enjoy every scrumptious bite.

Grits Bar
Feature grits the next time you entertain. Offer both plain and cheese, and keep them hot in slow cookers or chafing dishes. Choose quick-cooking, regular, or white or yellow stone-ground grits. (We don't recommend instant here.)

Serve several toppings, such as the ones listed below, so guests can mix in their favorite flavors.

  • Gravies and pestos
  • Shredded cheeses
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Crumbled bacon
  • Grilled corn kernels

"Grits Like You've Never Had 'em" is from the September 2007 issue of Southern Living.