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Grocery Store Flowers
Credit: becon/Getty Images

Not all flower bouquets are created equal.

With this genius tip, any bunch of roses has the potential to amaze, even the bargain bouquet you picked up at the bodega or supermarket. As Food 52 reports, the "rose reflexing" technique can make a lackluster bouquet look incredible by gently flipping the petals of a rose inside out for a more robust, attention-grabbing arrangement.

"[Doing so] transforms those tight-as-a-fist grocery store blooms into something resembling a wilder variety," writes Ella Quittner for Food 52, noting that Architectural Digest also says the tip works with tulips (for a delightful display with tulips, try only flipping out a few in the bouquet and leaving the rest as they come). To try rose reflexing yourself, flip out each rose petal working your way from the exterior until a few layers from the core. Watch the tutorial below to see the process in action.

Now, we don't know about you, but this definitely makes us want to go out and buy a dozen roses and try this technique for ourselves.

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This summer, we're all about having flowers on display at the dinner table or in the entryway whenever possible. What's your favorite tip for making a beautiful flower arrangement?