How To Find Out Who Is Ignoring Your Facebook Friend Requests

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Facebook has been around since 2004, but most of us are still learning the ropes of good social media etiquette. For example, when do you send a Facebook friend request to someone you've just met? Can you send them to a friend of a friend or that helpful co-worker? What if you send a friend request and the person never responds? And what do you do if you send a Facebook friend request and then instantly regret it?

We've all gotten a friend request from someone we barely know, like a high school acquaintance you haven't thought about since sophomore year algebra class. While some of us may happily accept the request, others may ignore the request forever, letting it linger in social media purgatory for eternity. That high school classmate certainly isn't the only person to send an unrequited friend request. In fact, most of us have either accidentally requested virtual friendship through a slip of the finger, sent an ill-advised or aspirational Friend Request after a glass of rosé or two, or sought the friendship of someone who just doesn't feel the same way. Luckily for any of those situations, canceling friend requests is easy.

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If you want to see who has been ignoring your heartfelt friend requests—or cancel an accidental friending—here are the four steps you need to either check in on or cancel those lingering friend requests:

1: Go to the "Find Friends" tab on the upper right corner of your Facebook profile page. (It looks like the shadows of two people.) Click on "Friend Requests"

2: The page defaults to a page asking you to "Respond to Your Friend Request", however underneath the bold words, you'll see a small link to "View Sent Requests." Click on that and the display will switch from the friend requests you have received to those you have sent that are still pending (which is a nice way of saying ignored).

3: Cancel any requests that you don't remember making or from real life people who have left you hanging for far too long. Clicking on the "Friend Request Sent" button next to their name. A menu will pop up and from there simply select "Cancel Friend Request."

4. Move on with your life, both online and off.

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