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I have a bunch of inexpensive glassware laying around that I have been eager to jazz up for my summer parties. Last January, when I attended the Craft & Hobby Mega Show, I discovered Krylon's Sea Glass Spray Paint. It provided a quick and easy way to give boring glassware a frosted sparkle! Once you get the hang of using this paint, you can get creative with vases, plates, tables – the possibilities are endless.


The Project: DIY Frosted Glasses

Materials: Glassware (goblets, martini glasses, etc.) Painter's Tape Krylon Sea Glass Spray Paint (I used the Ice and Sea Foam colors)


  1. Clean and dry the glassware.
  2. Cover a well ventilated space (outdoors or garage) with a tarp or drop cloth.
  3. Using the painter's tape, create a design on the glassware. Cover all areas of the glassware with the painters tape except where you want the paint design to appear. Cover the top opening of the glassware to prevent paint from entering the inside.
  4. Hold the spray paint can about 12 inches from the area you want to spray. Start spraying with long sweeps of the can to evenly coat the area. Let the paint dry for 5 minutes in between coats.
  5. Apply coats based on how dark you want the frost. I used 4 coats for the pictured glasses.
  6. After the final coat, let the paint dry for 20 minutes before removing the tape.
  7. Once the painter's tape is removed, hand wash and dry the glasses (always hand wash).
  8. Now, all you need to enjoy your newly upcycled drinkware is a tasty cocktail!

Pro Tip: If you would like to frost with multiple colors, spray the first color as directed above, remove tape, let glass dry for 30 minutes, tape area for second color, and repeat steps.