Cheese straws are none other than a true Southern delicacy, and no Southern holiday is complete without a few batches of the gloriously addictive, cheesy bites. While cheese straws can vary in shape and texture, they keep true to their cheesy, crispy nature no matter the recipe; and these Crispy Cheese Wafers are our crispiest yet. With the addition of our not-so-secret secret ingredient—Hint: Snap, Crackle, Pop!—you get an even crunchier, light-as-air version of our traditional cheese straws that will call for two or three more batches per party because they disappear just that quick. Ground red pepper gives that subtle kick of heat you need for a real-deal Southern cheese wafer, while plenty of cheddar cheese and butter give the dough just what it needs to get that perfectly toasted finish. As far as we’re concerned, this easy recipe is the only one you’ll need for every fancy cocktail party or relaxed porch-sitting afternoon.

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