Celebrating Thanksgiving in the South involves a whole busload of family members around a dolled-up holiday table and more food than you could even imagine. We generously overplan how much turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy we'll need so that our holiday continues on for days after Thanksgiving actually happens. We turn to leftovers for sandwiches, paninis, and even a full, 6-course meal on Black Friday – but have you ever been stuck with repurposing cranberry sauce? If you've got leftover cranberries from your Thursday meal, we've got a fun and creative appetizer recipe that the whole family will love – Spicy Cranberry Salsa. This quick salsa recipe also doubles as a condiment, so you'll want to slather it onto your leftovers sandwich. Add your cranberries to the food processor with a jalapeno, some salt, cumin, the zest of one lime, lime juice, and a bunch of fresh cilantro leaves. Pulse it a few times until combined completely, and serve up your homemade salsa with your favorite tortilla chips – but it's also a great condiment over grilled chicken. How do you reuse your Thanksgiving leftovers?

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