When your childhood comes calling, answer with a batch of from-scratch macaroni and cheese.This oh-so-Southern delicacy has a place on every dinner table, whether you're preparing sides for your big Thanksgiving dinner or looking for a perfect pairing to fried chicken for the church potluck. This rich, creamy recipe may just be the best macaroni and cheese recipe you've ever eaten. It brings back nostalgic memories around Grandmama's table and we promise that it's much more satisfying than the boxed, powdery stuff. As you're preparing, pick a noodle – like cavatappi or elbow macaroni – that has plenty of nooks for capturing pockets of cheese sauce. We used extra-sharp Cheddar cheese to bring out the rich, creamy taste of this macaroni and cheese, and a pinch of salt, red pepper, and black pepper rounds out the dish. If you're making macaroni and cheese from scratch, you'll definitely want to bookmark this recipe.

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