Uh Oh, You've Been Slicing Brie All Wrong

Etiquette experts share the right way to cut the cheese.

wheel of brie cheese on wooden board
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Delicious and pungent, there's no denying that the world of cheese can be a confusing (and rewarding) place.

No matter your tastes, all good hostesses understand that a fancy cheese plate is a must for any party, but not everyone understands the right way to pull one off. This is especially true when it comes to the king of French cheeses: gooey, funky, Brie.

So, before you start planning your next get-together, we thought it was important to bring attention to this common Brie faux pas.

PureWow spoke to the entertaining and etiquette experts at Beaumont Etiquette, who shared that many people are cutting their Brie wheels all wrong. Apparently, the tip on a wedge of Brie is the most flavorful part, and if you slice it off you're ruining the cheese for everyone else. In France, they call this "pointing the cheese" and it's very much frowned upon.

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Instead, Beaumont Etiquette recommends slicing it in long, narrow pieces from tip to rind. This way, everyone gets a taste of the beloved point. If you're in charge of the cheese plate, their experts suggest cutting a few "example pieces" so guests follow your lead.

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