Make one of these quick decorations with our easy container idea.


Dried flowers are easy to love. Voluptuous wreaths and massive bouquets instantly come to mind. But they can seem like a challenge to arrange because they often require oodles of blooms and a fair amount of arranging expertise. Worry not, however. You can adapt these simple ideas to suit your home and taste. They take a minimal amount of materials, require only a few minutes to assemble, and offer a fabulous payoff.

Cone-Shaped Containers
This idea is something we see so often that we don't think about it: Take a bunch of things you want to hold together, and roll them up in a piece of paper, forming the shape of a cone. Use that thought to make quick containers that hang beautifully.

Make the cone before adding the fillings. Cut a square from kraft paper, metal screening, or some other material. Place it on the table so it forms a diamond shape. Starting with one side corner, roll it up toward the opposite side. Gently spread the top open wide, which makes the bottom become smaller. When it reaches the desired cone shape, fasten the edge with tape or wire, depending on the material you chose.

Add dried flowers, berries, or leaves, and hang it up. Then stand back, and admire your handiwork.

"Wrap a Seasonal Arrangement" is from the November 2007 issue of Southern Living.