Dress up a tabletop with an elegant package.

Christmas Gift Wrap

Pretty presents aren't just for under the tree. Place them in unexpected spots around the house for everyone to enjoy. All you need to embellish a plain box are galax leaves and ribbons. Then, insert a vase into the box, and tuck in fresh flowers. Display on the tabletop as a fun seasonal centerpiece.

For a special touch, wrap a gift with pretty paper, and use a glue gun to attach galax leaves where ribbon would normally be. Instead of the expected bow, top it off by tucking in fresh flowers and berries. These packages should stay fresh for about a week. (Note: Galax leaves, found in green and burgundy, are available from florists year-round.)


Step 1: Begin with a sturdy cardboard box purchased from a crafts store. Remove box top.

Step 2: Beginning at top, apply hot glue to box, and gently attach galax leaves. Be sure to place them in a uniform pattern. We turned all stems to the bottom of the box. Repeat the same process over box top.

Step 3: Find a container to fit inside your package. We used a long cylindrical vase. Fill the vase with water, and insert into box. Add fresh flowers, greenery, and ribbons.


Step 1: Wrap boxes with wrapping paper in desired color or print. In place of ribbon, use a glue gun to apply galax leaves to four sides of package. When applying leaves, begin at box top and work your way to the bottom. Make sure that all the leaves are going in the same direction.

Step 2: For the package topper, cut a square of florist foam, and secure to box top with glue. (Note: Use a low-temperature glue gun or pan wax, which is available at crafts stores.)

Step 3: Tuck fresh flowers and sprigs of berries into florist water picks, and secure in florist foam.


  • wrapping paper
  • glue gun or pan wax
  • galax leaves
  • florist foam
  • flowers, greenery, and berries
  • florist water picks
  • boxes
  • vase or other container
  • ribbons
  • A Special Invitation