Thanksgiving isn't complete without a creamy batch of mashed potatoes! Follow our tips and your perfect potatoes will be the star of the feast. People always ask if we have any advice for making amazing mashed potatoes. Sure we do! To begin, you want the potatoes as dry as possible; any excess water makes them gummy. After cooking them, put drained potatoes back in the pot for a few minutes over low heat, and the excess water will cook off. For the absolute creamiest texture, use warm liquids like stock, cream, or milk instead of cold liquids when you begin mashing the potatoes. Lastly, don’t overlook the handy dandy potato ricer. It's our favorite tool for ultra fluffy taters. If you don’t have a ricer, stick with a good ‘ole potato masher. Avoid the electric mixer or food processor at all costs. After all, it's better to have a lump or two in the mashed potatoes than a runny, watery mess. Follow these simple steps to a flawless serving of Thanksgiving Day mashed potatoes.

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