Add these great recipes from the Rich family to your next gathering

"When you make Golden Potato, Golden Potato-Parsnip, and Golden Carrot-Zucchini Latkes, add distinctive garnishes to clue guests in on the different flavors," advises Mindi. All three are superb with Horseradish-Sour Cream Sauce and Spiced-Thyme Applesauce. Recipe Links:Golden Potato LatkesGolden Potato-Parsnip LatkesGolden Carrot-Zucchini LatkesHorseradish-Sour Cream SauceSpiced-Thyme Applesauce
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Hanukkah Holiday Menu

For Alvin and Audrey Rich and their family, tradition is the guiding light of the Hanukkah celebration. The Riches, their four children and their spouses, and 10 grandchildren all gather at daughter Natalie Asman's Birmingham home as they have for the past eight years.

Natalie loves the chaos and fun surrounding the event. "It's a great opportunity to gather all the family together," she says. "We celebrate the beauty of the holiday and each other." Part of that beauty, she points out, is decorating with lights and candles. "Hanukkah is the festival of light, so we commemorate that miracle by lighting menorahs. I also like to decorate with white lights and luminarias."

Food naturally plays a large role at the gathering. "My father and my husband, Eric, who don't really do anything else together all year long, make the latkes. I have to seal off the kitchen because of the smoke from the oil," she says with a laugh. "We open kitchen windows and the door in December. The children love it. They say, 'It smells like Hanukkah.'"

The Riches shared their special recipes so you can enjoy the aromas and flavors of their holiday meal. Serve these dishes now or any time to taste some of the pleasures of this family's tradition.