An afternoon is all it takes to create handmade gift tags.


Everyone knows that it's better to give than to receive this season. Decorate your gifts with handmade tags to make your friends and family feel extra special. A few hours of your time are all it will take.

Start with everyday objects, scrapbook paper, and premade tags, and then add your own touches. Personalize each with the recipient's name, and consider using something that relates to that person's hobbies, such as mittens for a knitter or a cookie cutter for a baker. Some tags can even double as ornaments.

Cookie Cutter Tags
Write or print out the name of the recipient on scrapbook paper, and cut the paper to the shape of a cookie cutter. Tape the paper to the back side of the cutter, and wrap ribbon around the cookie cutter. Secure ribbon with craft glue, if necessary. Alternatively, the name can be written on a smaller piece of paper, strung with a coordinating ribbon, and then tied to the cookie cutter.

Beaded Tags
Draw a shape on a premade tag or on a piece of scrapbook paper. Fill in the shape with craft glue, and press beads into the glue. Place the beads in remaining empty spaces with tweezers or by hand. Allow glue to dry. If using scrapbook paper, cut out the desired tag shape.

Button Snowman
Glue three white buttons of graduated sizes onto a tag. Cut a hat out of black paper, and glue it above the top button. Draw arms.

Wooden Cutout Tags
Using a marker, write the name on a small painted wooden shape (these can be found at crafts stores). Glue the shape onto scrapbook paper cut into the desired design.

Sticker Tags
Stick premade three-dimensional stickers onto scrapbook paper, and cut the paper into the desired shape.

Paper Cutout Tags
Cut out shapes of your choice using a die-cut punch, and glue them onto contrasting backgrounds.

Glittered Names on Leaves
Write a name in puffy paint on a leaf. (Keep the leaf on wax paper so the paint doesn't stick to the drying surface.) Sprinkle glitter over the name, and let glue dry.

Felt and Rickrack Tags
Cut out shapes from felt, and glue coordinating rickrack onto them as an accent. Glue the felt shapes onto scrapbook paper, or put beaded initials onto the felt using the process described for the beaded tags.