Fresh ideas for traditional Passover favorites highlight this inviting menu from Tamara and Eric Goldis of Birmingham, Alabama.

Share the Joy
Credit: Jennifer Davick/ Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine/ Food Styling: Kristi Michele Crowe

Something wonderful is always cooking in their kitchen, and these delicious recipes are no exception. In fact, they're so good that you will want to enjoy them throughout the year.

Keeping Kosher
"Kosher for Passover" products, such as matzo (an unleavened, cracker-like bread) and cake mixes, are available seasonally in supermarkets. (1) Matzo meal, (2) finely ground matzo cake flour, and (3) small squares of matzo farfel are used in place of wheat flour and breadcrumbs, yielding delicious results in baked goods and casseroles.

Tamara's Tips for No-Fail Matzo Balls
1. The matzo ball mixture will be wet and sticky and feel like a thick cornbread batter.
2. Form into balls using the palm of your hand. Don't roll using your fingers.
3. Use wet hands when forming balls. Keep a bowl of water nearby and wet your hands about every 3rd ball.
4. Because some balls may break apart when cooking, prepare them in a separate broth and water mixture then place cooked balls into individual bowls of soup.

"Share the Joy" is from the April 2008 issue of Southern Living.