Welcome Easter by making an egg wreath and set your tabletop using our seasonal ideas.

Set a Spring Table
Accent chair backs with shimmering satin ribbon that complements your color scheme.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn / Styling: Mary Leigh Fitts

Celebrate the arrival of warmer weather by using pretty linens, ribbon, and eggs to adorn your table. Nothing needs to match, but it should look youthful and colorful.

Buy plastic eggs--in as many colors as you can find--and cover a straw wreath form to hang in a window or on the wall. Then choose napkins, dishware, ribbon, and other fun elements that complement the eggs' seasonal hues.

Too-Cute Tabletop Ideas

Use a sheet or quilt as a floor-length table covering. Then add even more color and pattern with a smaller striped cloth or piece of decorative fabric. Mix and match brightly colored cloth napkins; tie with a different ribbon for each guest.

Collect plastic or ceramic goblets, plates, and bowls that echo your chosen palette. Make easy place cards for everyone in your family: With a paint pen, write each person's name on a plastic egg. Fashion a quick centerpiece using greenery, tulips, and other fresh flowers such as lilacs or hydrangeas.

Make an Egg Wreath

Step 1: Decide where to hang the wreath, and hammer in a nail at that point. Measure from the nail to where the top of the wreath will be; double that measurement, and add 6 inches for a knot. Cut ribbon to that length, loop the ribbon around the wreath, and tie a knot.

Step 2: Attach plastic eggs to the straw wreath form using a glue gun. Arrange the eggs so they completely cover the straw. Adjust the ribbon knot so that it hides behind the wreath; then slip the loop of ribbon over the nail.

This article is from the March 2005 issue of Southern Living.