A weekend breakfast is a great time to let mom sleep in while the kids fix breakfast with their father.

Christmas Tree Pancakes

Pancakes With Dad Recipes:

Saturdays and holidays are perfect opportunities to stay home with the children. Plan a special morning where everyone relaxes around the table rather than rushes out the door. Give dad a chance to shine in the kitchen, leaving mom free to sleep in or shop.

Our simple pancake breakfast includes yummy bacon with a sweet apple-butter topping. Cooking the bacon in the oven leaves hands free to prepare the tree-shaped hotcakes. Frothy Orange Jubilee takes only a few minutes to whip into a sweet, foamy favorite.

After breakfast, retrieve the day's treat hidden inside our easy-to-make Advent calendar (instructions on the next page), then count the days left until Christmas. By now, with stomachs full, the children will be counting the minutes until playtime, and dad will be ready to put his feet up in front of the fire--just as soon as he has one more delectable piece of smoky-sweet bacon.

Easy Advent Calendar
Kids love surprises, and an Advent calendar promises a daily treat. Make this child's version with baby socks in only a few hours--then clip the socks to a laundry line, and string it in front of a window, on the refrigerator, or on another flat surface.


  • 12 pair 100% cotton white infant socks
  • red dye
  • stick-on numerals (1-24)
  • decorative buttons, pom-poms, and rickrack
  • glue gun or needle and thread
  • heavy string or laundry line
  • 2 tacks or 2 suction cups with hooks
  • miniature clothespins
  • 24 small treats per child (candy, trinkets, or toys)

Step 1: Tint socks following instructions on dye package. Once dry, gently stretch each one to loosen the fibers.

Step 2: Number each red sock 1 through 24 with stick-on numerals.

Step 3: Attach buttons, pom-poms, and rickrack using a glue gun or needle and thread.

Step 4: Fasten string or laundry line with tacks or with suction cups stuck on glass or another smooth material. In a narrow area string two lines--one below the other--to accommodate all the socks.

Step 5: Fasten each sock to the string or laundry line with a clothespin, and drop a treat in each one.