Did someone say stocking stuffer?


American Licorice Company is upping the ante on seasonal cheer with a brand-new licorice flavor inspired by a favorite holiday cookie. Red Vines Gingerbread Twists have arrived, and they're packing all the spicy, nutty flavor of a gingerbread cookie into the satisfyingly chewy candy rope the brand is famous for.

We know the Twizzler vs. Red Vine rivalry is still raging, but we recommend that even the fiercest Twizzler loyalists put their preferences aside to give these a try in the name of good tidings of comfort and joy. 

Red Vines Gingerbread Twists
Credit: Courtesy of American Licorice Company

"We wanted to evoke a sense of holiday nostalgia by making the flavor, scent, and even color of the licorice reminiscent of traditional gingerbread," Product Manager Clint Christensen told Southern Living.

In addition to Red Vines Gingerbread Twists, American Licorice Company is also rolling out a whole slew of seasonal-themed candy to help celebrate the holidays. 

For fans of sour candy, Sour Punch has released Sour Punch Trees (cherry- and lime-flavored tree-shaped candies), Sour Punch Santa Straws (apple and berry-flavored straws), Sour Punch Arctic Straws (flavors of green glacier, arctic avalanche, frozen flurry, and polar plunge), and Sour Punch Merry Mix Bites (bite-sized berry-flavored straw bits). 

All of Sour Punch's seasonal releases are available in stores, as are Red Vines Original Red Winter Twists (regular Red Vines in fun wintertime packaging). Gingerbread Twists are available exclusively online at americanlicorice.com for a limited time only. Four-ounce trays cost $2.39 and a nine-count bundle (so you can share with everyone on your nice list!) is $18.99

No word yet on whether Santa will be accepting Gingerbread Twists in place of cookies and milk this year, but we'll report back!