Christmas in the South isn't complete without a tree in the corner. We love to gather round, decorate with the family, and listen to holiday tunes while Mama arranges the star on top. Our very own "Grinchy" Gardener (less festively known as the Grumpy Gardener) has his own thoughts on picking the perfect tree for the home, however.

"You know, a lot of you guys probably think that being a good husband and a responsible father is a way to be beloved by your family. But you are wrong," Grumpy says, "because every December you face the sternest test of have to go out and get a Christmas tree."

The pressure's on, Grumpy says. "Find a good one, you're a hero. Find a bad one and you are one sorry excuse for a human being."

To avoid getting dirty looks from the family with a less-than-ideal tree, Grumpy shares some foolproof tips on picking the best one. First of all, he says, is to aim for the freshest tree possible. Some cut trees may have been sitting out for weeks on tree lots. "The main thing you wanna aim for is a fresh tree. Look at the color of the tree. It should be either a rich gree or a blue-green. Yellow and orange are not good colors, unless you're a fashion designer from New York."

Follow along to make sure that your holiday centerpiece is as lively, festive, and joyful as they come.

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