Kids beware! These Southern Halloween candies are so good, your parents just might try to steal them from you.

Goetze's Caramel Creams Road Trip Snack
Credit: Goetze’s Candy Company

Goetze's Candy Company

Every Halloween, it's the same game for neighborhood trick or treaters: find the house with the best Halloween candy and stuff your bag full. No doorbell answerer wants to see a disappointed (yet adorable) group of fairytale princess peering up from a bowl filled with the same candy they've seen house after house.

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The grocery store may be overflowing with neon-packaged, typical Halloween candy, but spoil trick or treaters with these Southern candies, and you'll be the best stop on the block.

Goo Goo Clusters Road Trip Snack
pThese candies are a bigger, more Southern version of a Snickers bar. Invented in Nashville in 1913, they've been around longer, too. A salty-sweet cluster is the answer to those mid-day munchies./p
| Credit: Courtesy of Goo Goo Cluster

Courtesy of Goo Goo Cluster

GooGoo Cluster
These candies are a bigger, more Southern version of a Snickers bar, so they're sure to please this Halloween. Invented in Nashville in 1913, they've been around longer, too.

Saltwater Taffy
Hand-pulled then stretched on an 80-year-old taffy machine, this Savannah, Georgia treat comes in two dozen flavors. With that many options, you're sure to have a piece that's just right for every trick or treater that knocks on your door.

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Back in 1917, when coal minors requested a snack "as big as the moon", the Chattanooga Bakery rose to the challenge. Today, there's still nothing quite like this tasty chocolate and marshmallow treat. It's sure to stand out in a bucket full of Halloween candy.

Peanut Butter Bars
Created in Lufkin, Texas, during the Depression, Mabel Atkinson's candies sold for just a penny because, as her husband said, everybody had a penny. The recipe hasn't changed in 84 years.

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Goetze's Caramel Creams
Warning: So delicious they may be devoured within minutes. Once you unwrap one creamy caramel candy, you won't be able to stop yourself. Our best advice is to stock up on these made-in-Maryland treats so you have enough for yourself and the trick or treaters.

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Blue Monday
More than sixty years ago, a Ruth Hunt Candy customer said, "Every Monday I have to have a little sweet to help me through my Monday." And with that, Kentucky's Blue Monday was born. This pulled cream candy covered in chocolate is ready to delight costumed children and adults alike this Halloween.