Recipe: Harvest Moon Lollipops

These lollipops make a perfect party project for kids. (Help younger children insert the lollipop sticks.) Arrange lollipops in a container filled with florist foam for an impressive centerpiece, or wrap individually in cellophane and give as party favors.

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There's no trick to these treats. Let our recipes and ideas spark your party.

Halloween Recipes:

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I love to recall my childhood memories of Halloween. To me, it was never about scary things--it was about the magic of whimsical costumes, carved pumpkins, neighborhood laughter, and the essence of fall. Many years have passed since I've been trick-or-treating, but I still get just as excited.

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Start a new tradition at your house this year, and invite family and friends for a festive gathering. We've assembled easy recipes and ideas that are sure to delight your costume-clad guests. We're betting you'll create many memories of your own.

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Helpful Egg Tips

  • Gently tap warm eggs on kitchen counter immediately after cooking, cracking evenly over entire shell. Food color will seep into the cracks, forming a pattern on the whites that can be seen after peeling.
  • Attach egg halves with stuffed sides facing each other so that yolk mixture is sandwiched between white.


"Fun With Friendly Ghosts" is from the October 2002 issue of Southern Living.

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