These women celebrate a friendship that began 15 years ago around the supper table.

Five Friends One Fabulous Christmas Dinner (promo image)
According to Phyllis Jones, the secret to this group's longevity is "we've always made time for our friendship--especially around the holidays."

True friends are special indeed. And for the women who call themselves "The Fabulous Five," there's no better time to celebrate their particular bond than the holidays. For 15 years, these Texans have managed to meet around the supper table each month--regardless of the circumstances.

This began back in 1987 when Phyllis Jones, Stephanie McKee, Jan Tonroy, and Debbie Rubin met through a women's professional organization in Lubbock. They soon discovered they had similar professional interests, and they also loved to cook. This prompted the women to meet each month for supper. At the second gathering, Debbie invited her former college roommate, Diane Earl, and "The Fabulous Five" was born.

Though gatherings are usually billed as girls' nights out, husbands and children are included for their annual Christmas progressive dinner. Because Debbie, Jan, and their families relocated to Fort Worth a few years back, the dinner is now celebrated in alternating cities each year. The group was kind enough to share a few of their holiday favorites. We hope you enjoy!

Dinner Menu:

Helping a Friend in Need
When Debbie Rubin was diagnosed with breast cancer, the other members of the group decided to do something special for her. The ladies culled their recipes and published the cookbook Always Enough Thyme. They dedicated it to Debbie, and a portion of the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For more information call (817) 441-5032.

"Five Friends, One Fabulous Christmas" is from the November 2002 issue of Southern Living.