Our favorite fuel-providing snacks to get through the second half.
Deviled Potatoes
Credit: Hector Manuel Sanchez

There's an art to half-time snacks: they must provide fuel for the second half, but they shouldn't weigh a player down. They should be delicious, but food safety concerns and allergies must be taken into account. Here, we've picked some of our favorite snacks to tote when it's your turn to provide the next half-time nosh. For convenience, we're dividing these into snacks that need to live in a cooler, and snacks that you can just pop in a tote bag.

In the cooler: Make an extra-big batch of these deviled potatoes. They've got the best parts of a deviled egg and picnic-perfect potato salad in one small, easily portable bite. Capers and mustard give these bites brine and bite, and creamy sour cream keeps it all cool and helps to marry the flavors. This snack will definitely be a hit at half-time.

For the crowd: Cheese is always a crowd-pleaser. Whip up this buttermilk-ricotta dip and watch it disappear. We love this for half-time since it's light–serve with flatbreads and veggies–but creamy and indulgent at the same time. The combined protein and carb combo is sure-fire fuel for the second half.

Snack smart: Update broccoli salad into this scoopable, snackable dip. It's got plenty of nutrients, but it's tasty enough to make veggies, pretzels, or crackers disappear. Greek yogurt helps keep the dip light, while bacon and onion add flavor. Note: if allergies are a concern, this dip is just as tasty even without the cashews.

Stuff ' em: Fill cherry tomatoes for a portable, delicious snack. The combination of salty bacon and sweet tomatoes is irresistible, as every BLT-lover knows, and this bite-sized snack is light but packs a flavorful wallop.

Lighten up: Finally, keep it light and bright with these hand-held Caesar salad bites. Salad never looked so snackable.

From the Totebag
Mix it Up: A great mix of sweet and savory, these apple-butter cheddar puffs are a great twist on cheese and crackers. Make a huge batch of these guys and freeze them for up to a month ahead of game time. Snacking made simple.

Spice it up: Let's be honest: who doesn't love a cheese straw? If you find someone who doesn't, let us know, we'd like to meet ‘em. Put some pep in that second-half step with these jalapeno cheese straws. If the spice is a concern, make half of the batch with the peppers, and the other half without. Either way, they'll all be gone when the game commences.

Portion control: Portion individual bags of this party mix for super-simple snacking. Omit almonds if nut allergies are a concern. We like this mix because it's simple to make and gets a little kick from wasabi peas. Perfect for half-time munching.

Crunch factor: These slow-cooker beef nachos are great game-day finger food. While the beef and cheese do taste best warm, we still love these at room temperature. These nachos are filling, but light enough in a snack portion. This snack has it all: protein, veggies, and the always-important crunch factor.

Serving size: Serve up cups of roasted black-eyed peas or chickpeas for a crunchy, healthy snack with a ton of flavor. Far healthier than chips, and more filling than crackers, these little crunchies are an affordable snack for when you're feeding a big crowd.