Dish up new recipes with hearty flavor and great nutrition at your next meal with our Wild Rice-and-Chicken Bowl.
Round Out Your Plate With Grains
Dried Cherry-and-Pecan Oatmeal combines healthful ingredients to jump-start your day.
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Looking for ways to improve your diet painlessly? Add some whole grains. Instead of white rice, try brown rice, or choose stone-ground grits instead of regular or quick-cooking varieties. These simple substitutions could pay off in better health.

Research shows that by eating whole grain foods, we can reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. That's because the outer layers of grains removed in processed foods such as white bread and rice contain antioxidants, B vitamins, protein, fiber, minerals, and healthy fats. Try these fresh ideas to help get more of these important nutrients, as well as loads of great flavor, into meals throughout the day.

What's New?
Watch for more whole grain products bearing the new symbol from the Whole Grains Council in the supermarket. This symbol will help identify how much whole grain the product contains. For more information visit

This article is from the April 2005 issue of Southern Living.