Share a hearty (but not heavy) meal with family anytime.

Goodness From the Grill
Complement your meal with apple cider. Look for one with 100% apple juice; it contains as many phytonutrients as apples do.
| Credit: Van Chaplin / Styling Katherine Webb / Food Styling Kristi Michele Crowe

Steak-and-Potatoes Menu (Serves 6)

Cooler weather invites you to get out and grill. Entice everyone to the table with lean Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak and Green Beans With Bacon. Add a side of power-packed Grilled Sweet Potatoes With Creamy Basil Vinaigrette.

You can even prepare some of these great-tasting recipes in advance, which makes this menu practical enough to serve at any weeknight or weekend gathering. Don't forget dessert: Whole Grain Marshmallow Crispy Bars are sweetly nutritious.

"Goodness From the Grill" is from the October 2007 issue of Southern Living