The nutritious possibilities are endless with budget-friendly pork tenderloins. Here are a couple we like.

Sage-and-Pecan Pork Tenderloin Cutlets
Instead of smothering your pork cutlets with heavy gravy, try this sweet and tangy blackberry reduction sauce. Bread pork tenderloin slices in a crunchy mixture of chopped pecans, breadcrumbs and sage then sear until golden brown. The contrast of the swee
| Credit: Southern Living

One of the leanest―and tastiest―meats around, pork tenderloin makes busy weeknights a breeze. There are many ways to cook with this low-fat protein. We show you how to pound it into cutlets for a crispy pan-fried dish or chop it up in a hearty pot pie. You could also thinly slice it for panini-style sandwiches or marinate it in teriyaki sauce for a delicious Asian-style dinner. (Visit, and click on "Healthy Diet" for more supper favorites.) Plus, pork tenderloin frequently goes on sale, so look for deals. Stock up, and treat your family to some easy home-cooked goodness.

Lean and Light Recipes:

Healthy Benefits
Trimming fat from meats before you cook them greatly reduces the amount of saturated fat, which can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Using a nonstick skillet to brown meats and sauté vegetables requires only a small amount of heart-healthy cooking oil, such as olive oil, keeping the calorie count low.

"Healthy Foods: Lean and Light" is from the November 2007 issue of Southern Living.