Tea isn't just for sipping. Use it in some surprising dishes, and enjoy the many healthful benefits.

Mint Tea Custard
Try Mint Tea Custard for a tasty and healthy dessert.
| Credit: Jennifer Davick

Recipes with Tea

Create an exciting blend of flavors and add antioxidants to a variety of offerings with tea. These naturally healthful leaves lend subtle taste when used in cooking. Infuse tea flavor, such as mint, chai, or orange, when milk or water is called for in a recipe. Simply steep the designated amount of liquid with tea before preparing the dish. Go beyond the dainty teacup or pitcher of iced tea, and try one of these fragrantly delicious dishes.

Healthy Benefits

  • Tea consumption has been credited with helping decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease.
  • Steeping tea for three to five minutes actually enhances the antioxidant potency.

"Healthy Foods: Unexpected Flavor" is from the July 2007 issue of Southern Living.