Let's all collectively vow not to eat these in public. 

annoying foods
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If you've made it through this life without being trapped in a plane, car, or office with someone eating tuna salad, well, you're one of very few who have had such luck. And while food is the one thing that can bring everyone together, a few certain foods have quite the opposite effect. Our shortlist for the worst foods to eat around other people:


While seemingly odor- and mess-free, this breakfast dish doesn't slide under the radar. The mushy sound of stirring thick oatmeal in a quiet room is enough to ruin anyone's breakfast. Simply stir gently, not so violently, please!

Tuna Salad

Tuna sandwich. Tuna anything. Listen we all love the chicken of the sea for its low-cost nutritional value. But don't get on a teeny tiny plane and crack open a can / salad / sandwich. Please eat in well-ventilated, large, unpopulated spaces only.

Mayo Salads

Speaking of that. Any kind of salad. (And not the lettuce-y kind folks.) Tuna, Chicken, Potato, Egg. Unfortunately we live in a fallen world where not everyone appreciates the value of a mayonnaise-based salad. A pungent egg salad may just be enough to send someone over the edge.

Individually-Wrapped Candies

Have you ever tried opening an individually wrapped peppermint in a theater? Someone at the 2004 production of The Lion King at the Fox Theater in Atlanta has. Please just don't. Save it for later!

Nature Valley Granola Bars

So infamous there's an internet treasure trove of jokes dedicated to it. Crumbs = everywhere.

Whole Apples

Seriously, such a shame because a crisp apple is one of the best things nature has to offer. But also, the crunchy, slurpy, messy sound is one of the worst. Luckily there's an obvious solution; just slice it up. A little lemon helps prevent browning.

Microwaved Foods

There are a lot of ways to go wrong with a microwave. Reheated fish, burnt popcorn, and some chowders and currys. Proceed with caution.

Turkey Legs

Oh you know the ones—the oversized turkey legs you get at carnivals, fairs, and apprently at some football games. While they seem….interesting, they certainly are hard to eat with table manners in mind.


Everyone's got the ice-chewing co-worker. (Or maybe you are the aforementioned employee.) If you're patient enough though, it becomes a sort of odd, intermittent white noise for the office.

The Bottomless Bag of Tortilla Chips

So easy to love. So easy to terrorize everyone around you with. They're crunchy, they're crumbly, they're impossible to stop eating. It's a vicious cycle once you're caught up in a half-eaten bag.