My New Favorite 30-Minute Fried Rice

Adding this to my go-to recipes.

Ham and Lima Bean Fried Rice
Photo: Greg DuPree

For the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge, I made the Ham and Lima Bean Fried Rice. This is a delicious one-dish meal for dinnertime. It truly only takes 30 minutes from prep to plate (thanks in part to the microwavable rice), and probably much less if you enlist help with the chopping and stirring.

Ham and Lima Bean Fried Rice
Caroline Rogers

For this recipe, I used Fordhook lima beans instead of baby limas because that's what I had in the freezer, and it was oh so tasty. Fordhook lima beans are much bigger than baby limas, but their heftiness adds fun color and texture to the ham and rice mixture. The sesame oil and soy sauce really bring the flavor and, in my opinion, make the dish. For anyone with allergies, the recipe is easy to alter. I had an egg allergy at the table, so I divided the mixture and only added the egg to half of it. I'm sure it would be easy to add more veggies too—especially if you're hoping to up the nutrition factor for kids.

It is a super simple recipe, and the final result is definitely a crowd pleaser. At my table, six out of six dinner guests agree: It's certainly the tastiest recipe I've cooked up this year.

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