"Genius" Texas Baker Substitutes Graham Crackers with Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets

The baking game is forever changed, y’all.

Angelique Hinkle of Seabrook, Texas, was making key lime bars recently when she realized she didn't have any graham crackers to make the crust.

What she did have, was a bag of Bucc-ee's Beaver Nuggets.

Beaver Nuggets
Texas Snax

"I love Beaver Nuggets beyond words," Hinkle told MySA. "I don't think it gets more Texas than Beaver Nuggets."

In Hinkle's Houston-area home kitchen, desperation gave way to culinary innovation.

"Feeling like a super genius right now," she wrote alongside a photo of a mini loaf pan filled with Beaver Nugget crusts on Reddit.

Beaver Nuggets Pie Crust
Angelique Hinkle

Beaver Nuggets, which are just caramel-coated puffed corn kernels, are Buc-ee's best selling snack.

Hinkle told MySA that she pulsed the Beaver Nuggets and a half-teaspoon of cinnamon in a food processor until they were roughly the texture of sand. She used melted butter to bind the crust for her recipe, which included a no-bake filling.

"[It] came out perfect!" she told her fellow Redditors. "The crust held together really well, and it was delicious."

Hinkle told MySA that this isn't the first time she's used Beaver Nuggets in baked goods before. She said the gas station snack adds a maple caramel flavor and a bit of crunch.

"I really think the possibilities are endless," Hinkle told the newspaper. "I'm considering ice cream next."

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