Can You Freeze Watermelon?

Yes and no.

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Watermelon is the juiciest of reminders that summer is sweet and fleeting. And in addition to wanting the fruit available year round, most of us who buy an entire watermelon later throw away the mushy remainders lurking in the fridge. A simple solution to both of these issues is freezing the fruit so it can be enjoyed over a longer period of time. But freezing watermelon requires a little know how.

It should be noted that frozen watermelon is not particularly enjoyable after it has thawed entirely. That juicy crisp quality of a fresh watermelon is lost after freezing, but that certainly does not mean that the fruit cannot be enjoyed. The high water content in the fruit makes it a delicious icy treat when frozen for hot summer days, and the flavor can be refreshing when added to your favorite smoothies or frozen mixed drinks (yes, with booze).

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First, how you plan to use the frozen watermelon will determine how you should prepare it for the freezer. Always be sure to first remove the seeds from the fruit. The seeds will become annoying pebbles frozen into the fruit, and trust us when we say it's much harder to get the seeds out when the fruit is frozen. If you plan to eat the watermelon as a semi frozen treat, then cut it into clean cubes or balls that will be easy to snack on. If you plan to use the watermelon for smoothies or other blended beverages, you can be far less fastidious in your preparations—simple cut the pieces into irregular shapes that will easily fit into your blender or food processor. Place the prepared fruit on a parchment paper-lined rimmed baking sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer to freezer bags. Regardless of how you intend on using the frozen watermelon, know that it's a far better option than throwing a mushy heap of half a watermelon into the garbage. And be prepared to enjoy the sweetness of the summer fruit all year!

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